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Exchange rate board

Exchange rate boards serve to display data on foreign currency exchange rates purchase – sale, or in case of need exchange rates – foreign currency in banks, exchange offices and in other financial institutions. The exchange rate boards produced by our company have a representative original design which meets even the best – more exacting aesthetic requirements of our customers.

  • Representative design of boards and stands (stainless steel, silver, gold)
  • Flags of the states are equipped with an extra fluorescent tube
  • Exchangeable magnetic card equipment with names of states
  • Display of actual date
  • Simple operating software
  • Option to edit the exchange rates by remote control

The rates of exchange are displayed on six-figure LED red colored display units with a movable point. Super luminous LED sesmisegment displays with 14 mm character height are used as display writers. In every line changeable magnetic card equipment is contained with a lit coloured flag of a state, the name of the country, the name of the currency and the specifications of exchange rates.

The front panel of the board is covered with a special silver anti – glare film, which has very high resistance to common damage including even depurates (solvents and thinners). It is very easy to maintain. The important advantage of the chosen concept is also the stability of the colours of flags and signs as the colors are distributed from the bottom of the film.

The exchange rate boards produced by our company excel in simple attendance. In the supplies of our products is included also the operating system, enabling the exchange rates to load automatically from the exchange rate list and also to transfer these data to the board. In case of need, it is also possible to edit and save the exchange rates manually. Communication with the control computer is implemented by serial liners 485 through batch mode. After the end of the process of transmitting the exchange rates, the data are inserted in an EEPROM inherent store and the board displays them independently of the operating computer. The exchange rate board allows the setting of 15 levels of display brightness.

It is also possible to insert exchange rates on the boards with the help of the operating keyboard without the use of the computer. In case of need, it is also possible to edit the exchange rates by means of a remote control.

The supplies of exchange rate boards can include stands made of stainless steel.

The exchange rate boards are powered from the 230V/50 Hz mains or through an adapter.

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