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Self Service Payment Kiosk

Self Service Payment Kiosk

The universal self service payment kiosk is a device designed for the collection of fees and payments.
This payment system will be advantageously used by municipal authorities, hospitals, polyclinics and other operations where they will suitably supplement the usual methods of payment. The self-service cash register accepts both cash and non-cash payments made using both traditional and contactless (NFC) bank payment cards.
The payment machine can fully replace or suitably supplement cash registers with service, unify the place for withdrawals or expand user information, hospital, accounting, parking, calling and other systems.
In the same way, automatic self-service payment kiosk can perform their function completely autonomously.
Simple and intuitive cash register operation via the touch screen will allow clients to quickly and easily select the required function / type of fee, pay the relevant amount directly and continue operating without undue delay.

ČNB attestation

The acceptors are certified by the CNB in accordance with Act 136/2011 Coll., Which allows for the receipt, recycling and return of CZK.


The acceptors automatically replenish banknotes and coins for further use in the kiosk.

CZK & EUR acceptance

The acceptors allow a combined income of CZK and EURO.

ECB certification

The acceptors meet strict criteria defined by the ECB, which allows for the receipt, recycling and return of the EURO.

Benefits of the self service payment kiosk

self service payment kiosk can be opened non-stop
   (operating hours can be defined)
• receipt of all types of payments in one place
• the only place with material responsibility
• safe deposit of money

• records of selected fees
data exports to user systems
• print of the financial statements

possibility to adjust the SW of kiosk
• connection of kiosk with information systems

• favorable purchase price
• fast return on investment

• high reliability
• guaranteed service

Connection of the self service payment kiosk with the queuing system

It is an ideal solution especially for medical facilities and state administration. Advantageously, this interconnection can be used by any institution or authority collecting fees and using the queuing system.

In principle, the self service payment kiosk can operate as a standard ticket printer of the queuing system, where the ticket is issued only after the fee, eg the regulatory one, has been paid.

This connection means:
• end of disputes about order in queues
• the end of knocking eager individuals on the door of the office or surgery
• in case of illness or leave, the system itself forwards the clients to the other workplace according to the configuration
• a sophisticated system of events and statistics, on the basis of which a retrospective analysis of work activities can be performed for individual work

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