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Simple queue management systems

CALL 3 and CALL 4 Call Devices

The simple CALL 3 and CALL 4 call devices are designed for access control of clients to a service point on the grounds of the allocated order numbers. They enable quick and easy display of numeric information, such as the number of the client who is called to a counter or a cash desk.

The client arrives and the reception issues an order number for him. His agenda is then passed on to a particular counter or a service point. The waiting client is called to be served by displaying his number on the indication display and by a sound signal.

CALL 3 and CALL 4 differ only in the display execution and the number of digits displayed. CALL 3 has a 3-digit display made up of separate red LED’s with a 100 mm character size. CALL 4 has a 4-digit red segment LED indicator display with a 57 mm character size.

Indication Messages “Enter – Busy”

This device is used to control the access of clients to the service point following a call from the operator. It can be used anywhere where clients are waiting in a queue to be served and it is necessary to show that the servicing officer is busy or that he is calling the next client in.

The change of text is accompanied with a sound signal.

The text is composed of red and green LED’s 5 mm in diameter.

Following customer request, other texts can be programmed.

This device can also be used to control access to several service points. In such a case, it is operated by several controls and the “Enter” sign is illuminated only when at least one control is set to the “free” position, i.e. at least one officer is available to see clients. With more controls, the standard variant can be accompanied by other indication features such as counter number, door number, arrow, etc.

A typical application is for access control of clients in a waiting room to one or more counters administering the same agenda, where discreet client service separated from waiting clients is required.

Special Call Devices and Systems

Kadlec elektronika produces various custom-made call devices following customer requests. These are often industrial applications connected to the delivery, distribution and loading of goods and materials.

We use LED’s in combination with electromagnetic segment displays and DOT electromagnetic point display components with BiLED’s as the displaying device.

Access to the service point can also be controlled by fixed texts or pictograms. Variable texts can also be displayed on the text panels.

PC, text or numeric keyboards can be used to control the special call devices.

With large call systems, their components are connected through a RS485 data line or through Ethernet LAN.

Reference Projects:

  • BiLED text panel in the drive control of tankers at the filling bays in Chemopetrol Litvinov and Kaucuk Kralupy
  • Numerical HOPI call panel which uses electromagnetic segment displays and controls the order of trucks before loading bays
  • Numerical LED display for Coca Cola which controls access of distribution vehicles to despatch bays
  • Indication arrows and warning and restrictive signs and texts for traffic control in underground car parks
  • Large system of single line text information panels for Zivnostenska banka Praha which organises access of clients to service counters.
  • Meal pickup control systems in catering

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