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Time and clock systems

In the section of clock techniques we deliver not only all kinds of autonomous digital and dial clockworks, but we concentrate above all on supplies of systems of synchronous time specially designed for offices, hotels, banks and factories, and on systems controlling bells and clocks at schools, gymnasiums and production lines.

Almost all autonomous and controlling clocks delivered by us can be equipped with the DCF signal receiver (receiver close to Frankfurt upon Main), which covers the whole territory of the Czech Republic and will ensure one-hundred percent synchronization of all clocks with world time.

Our clocks have six possible regimes and enable display of time, date and temperature in these combinations:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Date
  • Alternating display of time and temperature
  • Alternating display of time and date
  • Alternating display of time, date and temperature

The KL 310 controlling clock also supports the function of belling and is very well suited to the control of school bell networks. This type of clock contains galvanic – separate independent contact of switching elements. The time and the length of belling can be pre-set. In the offered products are also included school bells and sources of school bells.

The KLZ 200 controlling clock is designed to govern a whole network of subsidiary clocks, which show the time in different places on the earth.

Another interesting type is the KLT 145clock, which shows the day, hour, minute and day in text shape.

For governing subsidiary clocks, links with boundary – line RS 485 (digital clocks) or polarized minute impulse 24 V (digital and analog clocks) are used. Clocks designed especially for interiors are preferably delivered in NIELSON frames.

For outdoor clocks, dewatering boxes made from dural profiles are used.
Digital clocks are supplied by distribution network 220V/50Hz.

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