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Numeric, text and graphical LED displays

LED Text Panels

The LED text panels are designed to display graphic information through LED components (light emitting diodes) in a matrix pattern. The panels repeat predefined texts in a page mode. A variety of effects can be set for each page, such as previous page fade, next page onset and the time of display of a page, and the text can scroll horizontally when news is presented. Further settings are those of the characters which constitute the text, i.e. standard text or an inverted colour background, flashing character or character shape. For the display the panels use proportional fonts and each character is optimised for the specific matrix display.

The panels has a real time clock sand can also display the current time and date. Their calendar functions enable the user to allow or prevent the display of selected pages on particular dates or in a particular period of time, thus modifying the display of information in the panel with respect to the time of day or day of week. To compose the displayed information, special editing software is used which is supplied together with the panel and is designed to edit the displayed text and set the displayed page attributes or character attributes.

The edited information which is prepared to be displayed is transferred to the panel from the editing software through a data line in batches and the panel is designed to display it independently.

The RS232 or RS485 interface can be used for the data transfer, or the panel can be connected through Ethernet to a LAN computer network. Another option features data transfer through a GSM network.

Standard Single Row LED Text Panels

As standard, we offer single row text panels with a display area of 10 x 128 or 10 x 192 dots, each with a diameter of 3 or 5 mm. High luminosity red LED matrices are used in the display. Owing to the kit design of the display, we are able to deliver panels with any length of line. The character height of 10 points allows genuine display of capitals and lower case letters of the Czech or other alphabet, including diacritics, numerals, punctuation marks and some special characters.

The panels are powered through a mains adapter and are designed for indoor use only.

Standard Multiple Row LED Text Panels

The standard multiple row panels allow effective display of extensive text information on a small display area.

When designing these panels, we use the kit display concept as the basis and we are able to produce a custom made panel with row length and number of rows according to the customer’s demand.

High luminosity red LED matrices are used in the display, with a point diameter of 3 mm or 5 mm. The character height of 10 points allows genuine display of capitals and lower case letters of the Czech or other alphabet, including diacritics, numerals, punctuation marks and some special characters.

Multiple row displays allow the display of one row as scrolling and other rows as static. This, together with flashing text or symbols, enables the creation of interesting graphic effects.

The panels are powered from 230V/50Hz mains supply and are designed for indoor use only.

Custom Made Text LED Panels and Outdoor Panels

We also offer custom production of panels with higher resolution and higher number of dots per row. Besides full and very clear display of capitals and lower case letters of the Czech or other alphabet, including diacritics, numerals, punctuation marks and some special characters, these panels also allow the display of various semi-graphical characters and symbols.

They can feature LED matrices as well as discrete LED’s (typically with a 5 mm diameter), with colour and luminosity according to the customer’s demand, or SMD LED’s.

We can offer custom made panels for indoor use, outdoor use, industrial use, outdoor use with high surrounding luminosity (high brightness panels), wide viewing angle panels, ultra thin SMD LED panels and other types.

When designing these panels, we use the kit display concept as the basis. The light emitting components and the execution of the panel follow customer request.

Graphic LED Panels

Kadlec elektronika produces high-resolution text LED panels designed for applications in public transport means and sells them in West European markets.

We are able to produce semi-graphical or fully graphic LED display areas whose dimensions, resolution and function follow customer demands. The display area consists of LED’s 5 mm in diameter, in red or yellow, with various luminosity and viewing angles.

For the German market, we also produce RGB LED displays with three-colour LED matrices and three-colour SMD LED’s.

Industrial LED Panels

Our industrial text and graphic LED panels are text and graphic displays used as end or auxiliary display facilities in technological systems. They are used to display numeric or text information, such as production or technological process status, various text and numeric data and values, warnings and messages etc. The displayed information is often combined with fixed descriptions or other numeric data. The panels are designed especially for industry, production and logistics.

Unlike standard text and graphic panels, these industrial panels are permanently controlled by a PC unit which periodically sends the displayed information under a defined communication protocol.

We can supply industrial LED panels in a single or multiple row format of various executions, text display areas combined with fixed texts or with other numeric or other types of display.

The display areas for graphic technological information enable the display of a range of variable information regardless of its format, when the area allows the display of text, numerals, pictograms, exchangeable or scrolling texts, various number of rows, all in various sizes, fonts and positions in the area.

We also produce numeric industrial LED panels and displays which are also designed for technological processes. We provide them with various types of display components (discrete 5 mm LED’s, 7-segment numeric LED’s), various colour and size. These industrial numeric LED panels and displays are often accompanied by fixed texts and pictograms or other text or graphic LED display areas.

We can supply industrial text, graphic and numeric LED panels for indoor use, outdoor use as well as for industrial use in special heavy duty models

Our industrial text panels and graphic display areas can also be used for promotional purposes.

Text and Graphic DOT and BiLED Panels

We produce BiLED-based text and graphic panels for outdoor use.

These are electromechanical bi-stable display components (DOT’s) accompanied by LED’s pointed directly towards the viewing angle. In daylight the LED’s are switched off and the display of information is provided by the electromechanical parts. Under reduced light the LED’s are switched on, providing high contrast of display.

This solution guarantees high visibility of the displayed information in all circumstances and independently of the level of outside light.

We are the exclusive distributor of these BiLED display components produced by ANNAX of Germany for the Czech Republic.

When designing the text and graphic BiLED panels for outdoor use, we use the modular kit concept of the line or area as the basis. Special text or graphic control software supplied together with the panel is used to edit the displayed text and transfer it to the panel. The data are transferred from the computer to the panel in batches, are stored in the panel’s memory and the panel displays them independently in cycles by the predefined pages.

Text and graphic panels can also be used as the end display device of technological systems and can provide a real time display of information transmitted from the governing control unit, such as numeric and text data and information, operating, warning and alarm messages, etc.

These panels are designed for demanding applications for outdoor or industrial use and are powered from 230V/50Hz mains supply.

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