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Numeric, text and graphical LED displays

Custom Made Text LED Panels and Outdoor Panels

We also offer custom production of panels with higher resolution and higher number of dots per row. Besides full and very clear display of capitals and lower case letters of the Czech or other alphabet, including diacritics, numerals, punctuation marks and some special characters, these panels also allow the display of various semi-graphical characters and symbols.

They can feature LED matrices as well as discrete LED’s (typically with a 5 mm diameter), with colour and luminosity according to the customer’s demand, or SMD LED’s.

We can offer custom made panels for indoor use, outdoor use, industrial use, outdoor use with high surrounding luminosity (high brightness panels), wide viewing angle panels, ultra thin SMD LED panels and other types.

When designing these panels, we use the kit display concept as the basis. The light emitting components and the execution of the panel follow customer request.

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