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Numeric, text and graphical LED displays

Industrial LED Panels

Our industrial text and graphic LED panels are text and graphic displays used as end or auxiliary display facilities in technological systems. They are used to display numeric or text information, such as production or technological process status, various text and numeric data and values, warnings and messages etc. The displayed information is often combined with fixed descriptions or other numeric data. The panels are designed especially for industry, production and logistics.

Unlike standard text and graphic panels, these industrial panels are permanently controlled by a PC unit which periodically sends the displayed information under a defined communication protocol.

We can supply industrial LED panels in a single or multiple row format of various executions, text display areas combined with fixed texts or with other numeric or other types of display.

The display areas for graphic technological information enable the display of a range of variable information regardless of its format, when the area allows the display of text, numerals, pictograms, exchangeable or scrolling texts, various number of rows, all in various sizes, fonts and positions in the area.

We also produce numeric industrial LED panels and displays which are also designed for technological processes. We provide them with various types of display components (discrete 5 mm LED’s, 7-segment numeric LED’s), various colour and size. These industrial numeric LED panels and displays are often accompanied by fixed texts and pictograms or other text or graphic LED display areas.

We can supply industrial text, graphic and numeric LED panels for indoor use, outdoor use as well as for industrial use in special heavy duty models

Our industrial text panels and graphic display areas can also be used for promotional purposes.

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