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Numeric, text and graphical LED displays

LED Text Panels

The LED text panels are designed to display graphic information through LED components (light emitting diodes) in a matrix pattern. The panels repeat predefined texts in a page mode. A variety of effects can be set for each page, such as previous page fade, next page onset and the time of display of a page, and the text can scroll horizontally when news is presented. Further settings are those of the characters which constitute the text, i.e. standard text or an inverted colour background, flashing character or character shape. For the display the panels use proportional fonts and each character is optimised for the specific matrix display.

The panels has a real time clock sand can also display the current time and date. Their calendar functions enable the user to allow or prevent the display of selected pages on particular dates or in a particular period of time, thus modifying the display of information in the panel with respect to the time of day or day of week. To compose the displayed information, special editing software is used which is supplied together with the panel and is designed to edit the displayed text and set the displayed page attributes or character attributes.

The edited information which is prepared to be displayed is transferred to the panel from the editing software through a data line in batches and the panel is designed to display it independently.

The RS232 or RS485 interface can be used for the data transfer, or the panel can be connected through Ethernet to a LAN computer network. Another option features data transfer through a GSM network.

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