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Numeric, text and graphical LED displays

Standard Multiple Row LED Text Panels

The standard multiple row panels allow effective display of extensive text information on a small display area.

When designing these panels, we use the kit display concept as the basis and we are able to produce a custom made panel with row length and number of rows according to the customer’s demand.

High luminosity red LED matrices are used in the display, with a point diameter of 3 mm or 5 mm. The character height of 10 points allows genuine display of capitals and lower case letters of the Czech or other alphabet, including diacritics, numerals, punctuation marks and some special characters.

Multiple row displays allow the display of one row as scrolling and other rows as static. This, together with flashing text or symbols, enables the creation of interesting graphic effects.

The panels are powered from 230V/50Hz mains supply and are designed for indoor use only.

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