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Numeric, text and graphical LED displays

Text and Graphic DOT and BiLED Panels

We produce BiLED-based text and graphic panels for outdoor use.

These are electromechanical bi-stable display components (DOT’s) accompanied by LED’s pointed directly towards the viewing angle. In daylight the LED’s are switched off and the display of information is provided by the electromechanical parts. Under reduced light the LED’s are switched on, providing high contrast of display.

This solution guarantees high visibility of the displayed information in all circumstances and independently of the level of outside light.

We are the exclusive distributor of these BiLED display components produced by ANNAX of Germany for the Czech Republic.

When designing the text and graphic BiLED panels for outdoor use, we use the modular kit concept of the line or area as the basis. Special text or graphic control software supplied together with the panel is used to edit the displayed text and transfer it to the panel. The data are transferred from the computer to the panel in batches, are stored in the panel’s memory and the panel displays them independently in cycles by the predefined pages.

Text and graphic panels can also be used as the end display device of technological systems and can provide a real time display of information transmitted from the governing control unit, such as numeric and text data and information, operating, warning and alarm messages, etc.

These panels are designed for demanding applications for outdoor or industrial use and are powered from 230V/50Hz mains supply.

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