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Queue management systems

Call system CALL 154S

The CALL 154S system is a large, reliable and easy to use system for automatic processing of a large number of clients. It eliminates queuing of clients waiting to be served at counters. After entering the waiting lounge the client selects his destination and collects a ticket indicating his order from the issuing facility, such as a printer, touch screen or an official. The ticket contains the order number, time of arrival, counter number and other information. The client watches the main displays in the waiting lounge, which indicate the order numbers of clients under counter numbers. Together with the order number of the client, his counter number is displayed. Concurrently, the client’s number is displayed at the counter display.

The functions of the CALL 154S system are easily configurable by the agendas at each counter, and operative changes of client order can be made while the system is operating. The system features large statistics regarding the course of the working shift, such as the number of served clients, average time of service per one client, average client waiting time, and other indicators through which the working shift can be assessed statistically or by worker performance.

The application of the CALL 154S system will provide you with the following:

  • Comfortable and quiet environment for waiting clients
  • Easy orientation of clients in the space
  • Discrete client serving
  • Client booking for particular date and time
  • Easy monitoring and evaluation of client service
  • Pleasant workplace atmosphere for serving personnel
  • Easy performance monitoring and evaluation of your employees

Typical applications:

  • Banking institutions, insurance companies, exchange offices
  • State administration – issue of identification cards, passports, visas, driving licences, vehicle registration
  • Job offices
  • Customs offices – border crossing customs offices, inland customs offices
  • Medical facilities – hospitals, polyclinics
  • Distribution, energy and telecommunication companies
  • Servicing companies – waiting for jobs in, jobs out, repair
  • Sales warehouses and mass merchants
  • Combined shops with assistant and self-service sales
  • Post offices

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