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Queue management systems

Calling system Call 209S

Parameters of the system:

  • maximum 9 counters
  • maximum 9 serviced activities in one moment
  • number of main displays is not limited
  • maximum 2 sources of queue tickets
  • maximum 90 customers in queue

Main usage in:

  • State managements and councils
  • Health services: specialized work places
  • Service centres: car-services, electro-services etc.
  • Stores, shops
  • Post offices

Advantages of the system

  • No problems during organising customers services
  • Easy orientation of customers
  • Possibility of observing statistics about services
  • High variability and use characteristics of the systems
  • Great rate price/function

This calling system is good variant for less demanding places. It is price bargain system for clear and solid customer service. In connection with PC it provides basic statistics of services. Modular conception of the system is great for configuration of the system according to your needs.

Customer gets a ticket with serial number – from thermo-printer or from worker and he is inserted to the queue. Workers on counters calls customers by pressing a button on counter keyboard. Number of the customer is shown on counter display and also on main display in waiting room. There is also a sound sign.

System CALL 209-S with thermo-printer

  • System CALL 209-S with thermo-printer
    This variant is great solving for places where customers chose the activity. He chooses the activity and press a button. The he gets registration ticket with serial number and he is inserted to the queue.
  • System CALL 209-S with ticket keyboard
    This variant is great solving for places where customers should at first contact a worker. Worker gives customer ticket with serial number after consultation. This variant is also price bargain – registration tickets can be replaced by special cards.

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