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Queue management systems

Calling system CALL 209V


  • Quick and easy system of customers clearance
  • Easy orientation at counters and in clearance spaces
  • Calm system without stress for crew
  • Versatility and easy conformance to actual conditions
  • Confidentiality during service
  • Time for offering new services to customers

Main usage in:

  • State managements and councils
  • Health services: specialized work places
  • Service centres: car-services, electro-services etc.
  • Stores, shops
  • Post offices

This calling system is great variant in rate price /function. In comparison with system Call 209-S expenses are lower because of absence of part of cable installation and hardware counter keyboards. The installation of Call 209-S is easy and it has min. demands for service.

Main communication way is in existing ethernet network. Counters are installed in form of small programme in each counter PC and requirements for running programme in the network are minimal. Each work place can observe queues of customers and it can work with them.

Counter displays are directly connected to PC through USB port or RS232. Software has many variants in setting. There are many variants in profiles of each activity and service. For leading workers there is possibility to observe approximate time of customers clearance and number of serviced customers in different times. Statistics and their results can be shown in comprehensive tabs.

Parameters of the system:

  • Maximum 9 activities
  • Maximum 2 printers
  • Do not support help
  • Do not support WebCall
  • Do not support working hours

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