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Queue management systems

Calling system CALL 250V


  • Quick and easy system of customers clearance
  • Easy orientation at counters and in clearance spaces
  • Calm system without stress for crew
  • Versatility and easy conformance to actual conditions
  • Confidentiality during service
  • Nice atmosphere for crew
  • Controlled system of customers

Main usage in:

  • State managements and councils
  • Health services: specialized work places
  • Service centres: car-services, electro-services etc
  • Stores, shops
  • Post offices
  • Banks
  • It is a virtual system using ethernet network of the company. Installation of programs for counter PCs is realized by copying, it does not work with registers, this makes the system very safe.
  • The program can be easy controlled, it is comprehensive and it shows everything what the service need. It can also communicate with another counters.
  • Leading workers can easily control all service, queues and possibility of help for occupied counters.
  • Registered customers can be shown even with their names so the service can be better prepared and quicker.
  • Several buildings can be connected through the ethernet network and they can be controlled from one centre. Each system can use numbering from one.
  • Expansion of the system is very easy – new program is recorded, the system is set and the display is connected to the USB port. That is all.
  • SMS can be sent from the system when the service is not connected to the counters – health services.
  • Statistics and events for easy orientation in the council work and their result can be exported to graphic or text form.
  • Connection to module WebCall can be used for ordering customers with Internet or SMS.
  • Every change in system setting or change in displays of touch printers do not need restart of the system. For this you only need the program Touch RGB.
  • Software has many opportunities in setting of each parameter – working days, working hours, which counters work and need help, printed texts on customer‘s leaflets etc.

Parameters of the system

  • Maximum number of counters – 250
  • Maximum number of activities – 250
  • Maximum number of service – 250
  • Maximum number of printers – 8
  • Maximum number of different displays – 64
  • Each circumference has to be connected to ethernet or RS458. Counter displays can be connected to USB ports of PSc, through ethernet or RS485. Power supply of displays can by realized by local supply or by power centre.
  • Occupation of the site – software sends information 1 packet/sec to circumference (printer, main display, counter) One packet can max. has 100 Byte
  • Counter installation can use Windows 98, 2000, XP
  • Control of application server can use Windows 98, 2000, XP. If it works as a service, it needs Windows NT. .

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