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Simple queue management systems

CALL 3 and CALL 4 Call Devices

The simple CALL 3 and CALL 4 call devices are designed for access control of clients to a service point on the grounds of the allocated order numbers. They enable quick and easy display of numeric information, such as the number of the client who is called to a counter or a cash desk.

The client arrives and the reception issues an order number for him. His agenda is then passed on to a particular counter or a service point. The waiting client is called to be served by displaying his number on the indication display and by a sound signal.

CALL 3 and CALL 4 differ only in the display execution and the number of digits displayed. CALL 3 has a 3-digit display made up of separate red LED’s with a 100 mm character size. CALL 4 has a 4-digit red segment LED indicator display with a 57 mm character size.

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