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Smart industrial touch screens

Smart industrial touch screens

Hot innovation in the development trends of our company is the development finalization of clever screens with a touch display – unit TOUCH-RGB 6S a TOUCH-RGB 8S – with the best possible relation between price and performance.

Touch screens are colour LCD displays with a touch console/board and with a clever filer with a great function variability that are designed for less difficult applications as far as technology and function are concerned when the standard use of PC based touch screens is not so price attractive.

The price of a particular screen depends on its execution or on its programme equipment.

Typical spheres of use:

  • Systems aimed at controlling the access of people, or aimed at camera recording of pictures
  • Information desks placed before the entrance to offices, halls and other rooms
  • Display of measured values and control of measuring instruments
  • Simple information screens for the distribution of serial, identification or registration tickets
  • Interactive on-line information and reservation systems with the possibility of printing the looked up of confirmed data
  • Control of machines, production lines or technological equipments
  • Industrial control rooms, control systems and control centres

Units TOUCH-RGB 6S and TOUCH-RGB 8S vary by the size of display areas and by definition/differentiation:

TOUCH-RGB 6S – diagonal 5,7″, definition capacity 320 x 240 points, 256 colours
TOUCH-RGB 8S – diagonal 7,6″, definition capacity640 x 480 points, 4 colours

The units are supplied as open frame models and are designed to be built in the customer’s equipment.
It is possible to attach a thermo printer to units TOUCH-RGB that is produced by us for printing of displayed or other data. The printer is also delivered as an open frame model. It is also possible to ensure construction and supply according to customers’ requirements including covers or boxes and cases.
Units TOUCH-RGB can be operated in two function modes: autonomous operation and screen operation.

Autonomous operation
The whole control application is programmed and operated in the unit filer and the same controls other attached equipment.
According to particular function requirements we can offer also our turnkey programme applications.

Screen operation
the unit behaves as a clever touch screen displaying data from a superior control application and gives back data about screen touches.
For this module we also present a detailed description of the communication certificate for all communication variations.

Communication Interface:

  • ETHERNET 10Mbps (computer net LAN)
  • RS485 (up to a distance of approx. hundreds of metres)
  • RS232 (up to a distance of approx. 15 metres)
  • optional GSM modem (controlled by SMS or CSD)
  • two analogue inputs (temperature sensors)
  • thermo printer is possible to attach
  • the system can be completed according to individual requirements by other digital and analogue inputs and outputs

Technical Parameters:

Size: 168 x 110 x 40 mm 200 x 146 x 40 mm
Screen Diagonal: 5,7″ 7,6″
Definition: 320 x 240 points (1/4 VGA) 640 x 480 points (VGA)
Colours: Spectrum of 256 colours out of 4096 Spectrum of 4 colours out of 4096
Touch board: Resistant type Resistant type
Communication interface: ETHERNET 10Mbps
optional GSM
optional GSM
Feeding: 12V
optional 5V or 7
up to 16V
optional 5V or 7
up to 16V
Input: Approx. 2W Approx. 6W

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